Ace Journeyman

“Not the face!”

The Journey-man, Spirit Walker, ghost

Place of Origin:


Appearance human form:

  • Human
  • Various clothing with Ether Operations badge pinned on when working

Appearance Astral form:

  • All white shirt and pants
  • White jacket with some black stripes on sleeves, E Ops badge
  • White shoes with some black


  • Internship at Neo-Geo Mountain
  • Trying to find out what happened to his father
  • Works with E Ops
  • Nickname: AJ


  • Manipulation of the seven elements: earth, water, fire, air, wood/plant, metal, and ether
  • Invisiblity
  • Phasing/ghosting
  • Flight
  • Possession/hijacking those with similar biometrics


  • Human when conscious
  • Link between body and spirit broken if physical body moved, has one hour to re-establish link before death
  • Inability to become unconscious i.e. drugs or stasis field
  • Can be hurt of seen through specialized equipment or abilities
  • Drugs and alcohol have weird effects on him


  • Access to E Ops tech i.e.
    • Airships
    • Dropship
    • Plasma rifles, pistols, revolvers, daggers, shotguns, sniper rifles
    • Drones
    • Seeker grenades
    • Anti-grav grendades