The Characters of New Town



Phil the Wand

Princess Aleya


Duke/Duke, Son of Thor-bear

  • Max’s friend
  • Once a garbage collector now a dwarf
  • Stockier and has a beard down to his chest
  • Used to be friends with Trent

Trent/Tristin of the North Winds

  • Max’s friend
  • Once a computer programmer now an elf
  • Long white hair, glowing blue eyes, fancy clothing, and bow and arrow
  • Used to be friends with Duke

The Gnome village

  • A group of people/gnomes that believe in protecting the balance of nature
  • Some people might call them hippies


The Wizard/The Master Wizard


Various goblins, trolls, ogres, orcs, vampires, and other monsters

  • Before the Shift, they were thieves, murderers, sex offenders, etc



  • The upper-class of New Town
  • Before the Shift, they were computer programmers, scientists, celebrities, business owners, etc


  • The lower/working-class of New Town
  • Before the Shift, they were janitors, trash collectors, fast food workers, etc


  • Before the shift, these people were vegetarians, historic site preservers, nature lovers. Now they protect nature.

The Dwarf Resistance Force

  • Tired of the elves deciding all the rules and who is allowed what, the dwarves have banned together to protest and change things
  • Some members are peaceful protestors while others have more violent tactics

The Elven Authority

  • The ones who make the rules

The Rover

  • Bounty hunter
  • The gnomes thought they were better than him because he ate meat. He taught them that plants are alive. He also reminded them that the gnomes steal honey from bees. He also taught them that lions are not better than others because they eat meat but they are merely surviving. “There are more pressing concerns in this world than what another eats.”

Daniel the bounty hunter

  • Taught Ryan how to be a bounty hunter

Sal, captain of the Elf Royal Guards

  • Trained Aleya