The Characters of New Town



Phil the Wand

Princess Aleya


Duke/Duke, Son of Thor-bear

  • Max’s friend
  • Once a garbage collector now a dwarf
  • Stockier and has a beard down to his chest
  • Used to be friends with Trent

Trent/Tristin of the North Winds

  • Max’s friend
  • Once a computer programmer now an elf
  • Long white hair, glowing blue eyes, fancy clothing, and bow and arrow
  • Used to be friends with Duke

The Gnome village

  • A group of people/gnomes that believe in protecting the balance of nature
  • Some people might call them hippies


The Wizard/The Master Wizard


Various goblins, trolls, ogres, orcs, vampires, and other monsters

  • Before the Shift, they were thieves, murderers, sex offenders, etc



  • The upper-class of New Town
  • Before the Shift, they were computer programmers, scientists, celebrities, business owners, etc


  • The lower/working-class of New Town
  • Before the Shift, they were janitors, trash collectors, fast food workers, etc


  • Before the shift, these people were vegetarians, historic site preservers, nature lovers. Now they protect nature.

The Dwarf Resistance Force

  • Tired of the elves deciding all the rules and who is allowed what, the dwarves have banned together to protest and change things
  • Some members are peaceful protestors while others have more violent tactics

The Elven Authority

  • The ones who make the rules