Phil the Wand

“You are not worthy to know my true name, Mortal.”

Black gel pen (medium point) turned talking magic wand


  • Black and white stereotypical magician’s wand


  • Before the Shift, Phil existed as Max’s writing pen. After the Shift, the pen transformed into Phil. It is unknow if the pen was always Phil or it became Phil because of the spell.
  • Phil is a graduate of MIT (Magic Items Training). All magical items go through training before being sent into the field.
  • He was teased by the other magic items. The “cool kids” were Excalibur and Mjolnir.
  • Phil was formed from a branch of the Tree of Knowledge and forged in the Fire of Prometheus.
  • His aura will change colors depending on his mood.


  • Magic


  • Away from Max, he’ll turn back into a pen


  • Wand case made of zy-mole hide