Princess Aleya

“Tread with care. I know Elf-Fu.”

Elf princess and bodyguard to Max


  • Long dark hair
  • Elf ears
  • Wears a white dress or battle armor


  • Seems delicate and sweet but can be tough when she wants.
  • Unlike Max and Ryan, she doesn’t remember the world before the Shift.
  • Chosen by Fate to protect Max on his quest; she left her home. Many thought that it was laughable that a female should be selected, and the princess on top of that.
  • Trained in combat by the captain of the royal guard, Sal.


  • Elf magic: can heal wounds or create protective barriers
  • Elf speed and agility
  • Marksmen
  • Combat training


  • Human injuries


  • Magic bow and arrows: arrows can freeze, burn, make walls, teleport, etc
  • Magic shield
  • Buttercup, a white unicorn that will kick or use its horn to stab
  • Battle armor