“I refuse to Rage Quit.”

MyVideo Maker turned bounty hunter

Appearance (Ryan):

  • Red, unruly hair
  • Freckles
  • Tall and gangly
  • High-pitched voice: when nervous his Irish accent slips in more
  • Black cloak, shirt, pants, and boots

Appearance (Ryack):

  • Black hood and cloak
  • Fiery trim along cloak
  • Horns
  • Face can’t be seen, but his fiery-red eyes can be
  • Speaks in a whispery, wraith-like voice


  • Before the Shift, Ryan did game commentary videos on MyVideo under the name Ryack. He’d made it to 999,999 subscribers before the Shift occurred (this fact still bothers him).
  • Like many Gamers, Ryan became a bounty hunter because it used his skills of exploration and puzzle-solving.
  • Like Max, Ryan remembers the previous world; but unlike Max, Ryan has been trapped in New Town for months to years where it has only been a few days to Max.
  • Taught how to be a bounty hunter by a fellow hunter named Daniel.
  • Misses his old life.
  • Might have a sister.
  • Had a 1967 Pontiac GTO before the Shift.


  • Puzzle-solving
  • Can tell time by the sun or moon
  • Can tell direction by sun or stars
  • Combat trained
  • Some agility
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination


  • Human injuries–his suit does protect him some


  • Magic cloak that allows him to transform into Ryack
  • Suit that protects him and allows a slight increase in his speed, strength, and agility
  • Magic sword that can stun or kill
  • Grapple hook
  • Various potions and talismans
  • Magic bolas that don’t miss
  • Bounty hunter scroll: contains a list of current bounties
  • Nevermore, a midnight black mare with fiery horse feathers, tail, and mane