The Wizard

“I gave them my life, and they betrayed me.”

Master Wizard and ex-protector of Newton


  • Long white beard
  • Blue and white robe
  • Blue pointed hat with white stars


  • The Wizard, tired of how the world had become more dependent on science and technology, cast a spell to change the world back to a world of magic. He saw that science was killing humanity’s sense of wonder and imagination.
  • For years the Wizard was the protector of Newton/New Town. One day, the Powers that Be decided that Max should be the new protector. The Wizard grew angry at this idea.
  • Before the Shift, the Wizard had been a musician. Before leaving for work one night, he gave his wife his other drumstick (which he called Jillian). Before he left, he told her, “As long as you have that, I’ll always find my way home.”
  • He is also known as the Master of Moor Manor.


  • Magic
  • Years of experience in magic and other arts


  • Unknown


  • Trillian: his talking drumstick that can become a wizard staff
  • Moor Manor
  • A minion named Min-yon
  • Farms filled with various magical ingredients