The World Of New Town

Newton/New Town

  • Before the Shift, Newton was a modern city with a large population, global businesses, nightlife, and city culture events. A military base, Stryker, was just outside of the city. Newton housed many neighborhoods and districts.
  • After the Shift, Newton became the Land of New Town, a large country-like area filled with many towns, villages, and cities. The districts and people of Newton changed along with the city.
  • Much of modern technology also changed. Cell phones became fairies. Vehicles became horses or carriages. Guns became bows and arrows.

Moor Manor

  • The Wizard’s home

Helmdri (Helm-dry)

  • A city within the Land of New Town
  • The city where Ryan and Max first meet

Ilhykbrim (Ill-hic-brim)

  • A town within the Land of New Town


  • A town within the Land of New Town
  • Max, Aleya, and Ryan fought a clan of dragons here
  • Stytron used to be Stryker Military Base, located just outside of Newton


  • “Capital” city of New Town
  • The Land of New Town’s activity hub: businesses, government, etc
  • Used to be the uptown part of Newton

The Shift

  • The name given to the time after the Wizard cast his spell and the world began to transform into a magical land. Many will also use this term as the name for the event.
  • The name is usually said by those that remember the “previous world.”


  • Magic in the Land of New Town is based on a person’s skills or talents. If you are a teacher, you can use magic to teach your students, but you can’t use magic to make food.
  • Magic dust is mined by the dwarves and the elves decide where the magic dust goes and who gets how much. The elves also decide the laws of the land.

Troll Bridge

  • A toll bridge owned and operated by trolls
  • One of Max’s and Ryan’s first adventures involved a troll bridge

Magic dust

  • Magic dust is the fuel and money of New Town.
  • It is a limited resource, so the elves decided that magic could only be used if it deals with your talent or skill.
  • With the dust running low, elf researchers are looking into new forms of energy.

The Dwarf-Elf wars

  • Many of the dwarves, sick of mining the magic dust all day and having little access to the material, began protesting the unfair treatment they receive. This began a tension between the two races with riots and attacks increasing.

Grayford’s Hay & Shoe Shoppe

  • A chain of convenience stores
  • You can get your horse and/or carriage checked while having a meal

Fjord carriage

  • A brand name for a carriage model

Mustang horse team

  • A brand name for a carriage “engine” (aka the name for the horses pulling the carriage)

Cross Over

The Omniverse and Multiverse