Dialogue Challenge – Hot, Hot, Hot

Dialogue Challenge: Story written in all dialgoue. There can be attribution such as “he said” or “she cried.” Internal dialogue is OK. Filler dialogue or pauses are OK such as … for someone not responsding. “Spoken” sounds like coughs, grunts, and such are also allowed. Feel free to try it yourself.

 “Man, it’s hot!” I said.

 “Of course it is, Dogboy,” said Brain via the comm-link, “the apartment building is on fire.”


 “What? What just happened?”


 “Dogboy? Joe? Joe! Report!”

 “I’m okay. Some of the rafters just collapsed.”

 “Satellite images show that the building is becoming more unstable. It is time to leave.”

 “No. My nose tells me that someone’s still here.”

 “The rescue workers are reporting that everyone is accounted for, thanks to you.”

 “There’s still someone else here. Check the records again.”

 “OK…there…click here…open…come on connect…ugh, buffering…”

 “Brain…this place is falling apart.”

 “I am doing the upmost I am capable of given the situation.”

 “Brain, this fire is getting hotter and soon even I won’t be able to stand it. Regular people surely won’t.”

 “I got it. Jim Sanders, who works for the water company, has two children: Jack and Jill.”

 “Got it. Jack! Jill! Where are–” 


 “Joe! What happened? You’re vials spiked.”

 “Floor gave way. But I’m okay. I got to the leash grapple in time.”

 “I continue to strongly suggest you vacate the premises immediately.”

 “Not until I have those…Wait, I hear something.”


 “Just a minute…Yeah…I can hear them.”

 “Help!” a small female voice said. “Someone! Help!”

 “They’re in the next room,” I reported to Brain.

 “Please *cough* help us,” Jill said.

 “I can see them.”

 “Oh thank heavens,” said Brain.

 “Dogboy, please *cough* my brother. He hurt his head.”

 “It’s alright. I’ll have you out in two wags of a dog’s tail. I just need you to climb on my back and hold tight.”

 “What about my brother?”

 “He’s safe in my paws, uh, hands.”

 “Does the leash grapple have enough power to swing you all out?” Brain asked.

 “We’ll find out soon enough.”

 “Who are you talking to?” Jill asked.

 “Just a friend. I’m going to swing us out of here.”

 “What *cough* about the wall?” Jill asked.

 “Dramatically smashing through walls is the first thing we superheroes learn. Keep your head down and you’ll be fine…You ready?”

 “Hmm-hmm,” she said.

 “Brain, you contacted the rescue workers?”

 “They’re outside waiting.”

 “One, two, three. Here we go!”



 “Wheeee!” cried Jill.

 “There he is!” said the fire chief. “Move into position!”

 “There, safe and sound,” I said.

 “Can we go again?” Jill asked.

 “Dogboy,” said the fire chief, “is everyone alright?”

 “The boy needs medical attention.”

 “We’re on it,” said the chief. “Jeff. Sam. Get the EMTs.”

 “Jill!” came a voice from the crowd.


 “Oh my darling daughter. I feared the worst.”

 “I kept Jack safe,” she said with a hint of pride.

 “And she did a wonderful job,” I said. “Jack’ll be fine.”

 “Oh thank you, Dogboy,” he said. “Thank you so very much.”

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