POV Challenge – Ace – Regrets

Point of View Challenge: Write in a different point of view than you normally do or write from the point of view of a different character.

For example: I write in first-person so I would change to third or second person. Or since I usually write from the point of view of Dogboy, Max, or Ace, I would write from the point of view of a secondary character or from the point of view of the villain. If you change characters you can keep your normal point of view or change it if you want.

Feel free to do your own POV Challenge.

So here we go…

Dave was falling. That much was clear. He might not have been an A student but the wind rushing around him was a pretty good clue. He could also hear a slight zzz-ip noise as he passed each floor.

After the first five floors, he’d resigned himself to his fate. There wasn’t much else to do than wait. Oh sure, he screamed like crazy for the first three floors but soon ran out of breath.

“Why hadn’t I listened to Mom?” he asked.

His mother had warned him that playing so close to the edge was dangerous, but he’d done it anyway.

Of course it wasn’t completely his fault. His older brother, Sam, had dared him. Sam always seemed to get him into trouble. The most recent dare, besides this one, was to free the science lab frogs and release them into the wilds of the school cafeteria. Dave got a week’s detention and Sam got off scot-free.

I bet he won’t this time, Dave thought. Mom’ll see to that.

“Mom,” Dave said then sighed. Dave had heard her scream as he began his fall. He imagined she was still screaming.

Well, one thing’s for sure. I’ll never fall for Sam’s dares again. That epiphany seemed a little pointless now, Dave realized.

It was all over. He’d never get to play in the upcoming eSports tournament. All those hours practicing wasted.

“Wow,” said Dave. “I play video games a lot. Maybe I should have done something more fulfilling with my time…like texting.”

Dave then dared to look down. Yup, the ground was much closer now. Just a few more floors. Dave vaguely wondered if he’d make the news. Surely, he would. Kids falling from buildings always made the news.

Dave sighed. “This is actually starting to get a little boring.”

He then thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It looked like a young man dressed in white.

Seeing flying people dressed in white as you fall to your death can’t be a good thing, Dave thought.

Hopefully this meant he’d be going “upstairs.” Though the idea kind of surprised him. Dare or no dare, he had released the frogs, he had climbed that old tree on a dare resulting in medical bills for his mother, and he had drawn on Mack’s face while he slept through math class. Most important he’d disobeyed his mom.

Just as he was wondering if they’d let him have a guitar instead of a harp, Dave realized he was slowing. The wind around him was increasing…pushing at him. It felt like one of those indoor skydiving places.

Dave laughed softly as he realized he’d entered a new dare; he dared to believe he could survive.

Now no longer thinking of his impending doom, he pondered how to live. First he’d apologize to his mother. Second he’d tell off Sam. And third, he’d tell Susan he liked her.

And maybe play less video games. That was still negotiable.

Before Dave landed, he realized the wind was angling him towards the awning over the building’s entrance.

Dave hit the awning, bounced, and landed in the bushes. It wasn’t a soft or graceful landing, but he was alive, and he would probably talk Susan into signing his cast.

Dave let out a sigh of relief and opened his eyes. For a moment there he could have sworn he saw the same strange young man in white smiling at him. He then faded like some kind of ghost.

“David!” he heard his mother shout.

Mom, thought David and smiled.

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