Recommended #24

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“Shadow of Evil” from Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Justice League vs The Fatal Five

Second Act

Blog Posts

Op Shopping and Café Hopping in Labrador | Four Nomadics by Michelle

I changed to all cruelty-free products. by What’s In My Wonderland?

Zuru Egg Hunt: Smashers Series 3 by Hemingway Sisters


Two Terrifying Tales from MythologyLovesHorror! by Madame Raven

“Tehran’s Old Ghosts” from Tehran’s Old Ghosts by EdCowling

Six Figure Author: Mentors by Mark Brandon Powell


BPFS006: Don’t Kill For Me, Absalom’s Fate by The Best Page Forward Show

#16: When Sales Tank by Relentless Authors Advertise

Ryan Parrott on Scripting for Comics by Dreamer Comics Highlights


Ghost Of Loki Past | Thor #12 (War Of Realms Tie In) by Caped-Joel

Leviathan Rising Part 4 | Action Comics #1010 Review by Fortress of Solitude

The Frame Up | Heroes In Crisis #8 by Caped-Joel

Everything Else

How Captain Marvel Should Have Ended by How It Should Have Ended

Public Speaking by TimTom

What To Do With Zero Dollars by It’s Alex Clark

Do you have any recommendations for movies, blogs, books, podcasts, comics, or randomness? Tell me in the comments.

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