Recommended #26

The following are my opinion and do not reflect the opinion of any organization or person.


“A Man Man For All Seasons” from Mega Man: Fully Charged (Cartoon Network)

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The Promised Neverland (series, Hulu)

Blog Posts

Adventure Time by Edem Kueke-Cedar (Earnest writes)

Beautiful Accident by thealchemistspottery (The Alchemist’s Studio)

nicholastronaut by Krista Stevens (Discover)


Benjamin and the Warper by wdhenning

Where is it? by Sephuran

Fat Cat Finds a Home by Michelle Smith (series of bedtime stories)


GTeaLive: Can the Sonic Movie Be Saved? by GTLive

Victoriocity Season 2

History of Doctor Doom – Geek History Lesson 250th Episode by Jawiin


Robin Lost Memories | Young Justice #5 by Caped-Joel

The Beacon Has Been Lit | Asgardians of the Galaxy #8 Review (The War of Realms Tie-in) by Fortress of Solitude

Skrull Detour | Journey Into Mystery #2 (War Of Realms Tie In) by Caped-Joel

Everything Else

It’s OK EVERYONE!! I can FIX SONIC the Hedgehog! by Draw with Jazza

Top 10 Scary Pokémon Theories by MostAmazingTop10

La Llorona – the Real Story! Monster Myths with Kephen Sting episode 4 The Urban Legend Revealed by Kephen Sting

Do you have any recommendations for movies, blogs, books, podcasts, comics, or randomness? Tell me in the comments.

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