Recommended #25

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“The Collector” from Victor and Valentino (Cartoon Network)

“Sad Teen Hotline; Jannanigans” from Star vs. the Forces of Evil (Disney XD)

Blog Posts

“WINTER | Finland” by Edge of Humanity Magazine

“Greece & Italy 2018 (#1)” by RTW Roxy

“Film Review – Despite Everything (2019)” by Brian Connor (MovieBabble)


“I, Introvert” from I by JEHallows

“[PROLOGUE]” from Worlds Within the Pages | NaNoWriMo ’18 by klarasofe

“(1-1) The hard things Asked” from Bitter Cold Truth: A Tale of the Everburning City by Arveliot


Bernard Chang on his first job in Comics – Dreamer Comics Podcast by Dreamer Comics Highlights

Synagogue shooting: What can be done to stop the attacks? by Washington Week (audio) | PBS

Episode 7: Legend of Zelda – Please, Mr. Postman by Hidden Pixels Podcast


Captain America (2018-) #1

Shazam! (2018-) #1

Cyclops Reunion | Champions #5 (War Of Realms Tie In) by Caped-Joel

Everything Else

Starlord Pistols Only Challenge | Fortnite by Blitzwinger

Game Theory: Why Ridley is Smash’s Deadliest Fighter! (Super Smash Bros Ultimate) by The Game Theorists

Here’s The Most Annoying App Ever (It’s Hilarious) – Up At Noon by IGN

Do you have any recommendations for movies, blogs, books, podcasts, comics, or randomness? Tell me in the comments.

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