Meet the Cast: Glop

Glop was discovered by gator researchers in the Florida swamps and named Randy. The researchers went on to raise the abandoned/orphaned swamp monster as their own. They provided him with basic skills, language, and a pair of red swim trunks that he still wears today. Not the same pair, obviously; they bought him multiple pairs which he washes regularly.

Eventually, Ether Operations, a government group tasked with controlling the transbeing community—who were in fact monster hunters, learned of Randy’s existence. They took him away from the researchers, much to the crying of the researchers—Randy was unsure of what was happening, so he didn’t react much—and imprisoned him at Area 51. He was trained to be a weapon for Ether Operations—Codename: Glop—but he could never quite get it. He was locked away; the head of Ether Operations still hoped he’d become a weapon; plus, Glop’s retarded aging and regenerative powers were an exciting field of “study.”

Eventually, Ether Operations true intentions were discovered and Area 51 was raided. The raiding task force, which one day become PAWS and the International League of Super-Transbeings, discovered Glop, who’d spent the time playing old computer games and watching cartoons.

Glop continues to be a fairly naïve person…swamp monster but is learning much about the real world. He’s a real information sponge; recently, becoming a huge fan of bingo. Recently, ILOST was able to locate the researchers; they continue to visit Randy/Glop every Sunday for a family dinner and the occasional Monday family game night.

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading!

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure. What More Could You Want?

The name is Joe Rover. Gamer. Writer. Superhero. With the help of my friends, I protect Megaton City from all sorts of villains whose only desire is chaos & destruction. 

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