Meet the Cast: Brood

Brood is a reformed/repentant vampire. Being a reformed vampire means he can go out in the daytime and cast a reflection. He still has problems with garlic and stakes. He is also weak to dark-light and unholy water.

Though he looks to be 17 years old, he is much older. No one knows for sure, and he doesn’t talk about his past. We have pieced together that he is responsible for the extinction of the unicorn and the near extinction of the dragons. He also went by the nicknames “Jack the Ripper” and “the Bloody Red Baron” during his darker days.

Over time, he grew to hate his bloodthirsty nature. Through a very taxing and painful redemption process, his sins were forgiven. His family, however, disowned him. He eventually found his way into the International League of Super-Transbeings. He soon became leader/sometimes co-leader of Delta Squad. He regularly butts heads with Dogboy because of the bad blood between vampires and werewolves. The two have a complicated friendship/rivalry.

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading!

Dashing Heroes and Exciting Sci-Fi/Fantasy Action Await You in the Dogboy Multiverse

A peaceful drive turns into a road rage battle as Joe and Bandit defend themselves against Roadburn and Skidz. During the fight, Joe meets the mysterious Leo. Who is this young man? What do Roadburn and Skidz want with him?

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