Meet the Cast: La-Zar

Little is known about La-Zar because they don’t speak and don’t remove their uniform/costume. Being a masked alien, we don’t know if they are male, female, or something else, and they seem uninterested in telling.

We do know that La-Zar was trained by the ninja monks of Planet Bob. The monks took a vow of silence because like everyone else on Bob, they can only say the word “Bob.” It makes it hard to be a secretive assassin when everyone knows who you are because all you can say is “Bob.”

We gathered that La-Zar comes from the planet Australia where their parents were killed by a gang of koala bears. La-Zar wandered the Outback for who knows how long before being rescued by pirate kangaroos. The roos taught them much before taking them to Planet Bob to train with the monks. La-Zar sought revenge upon the koalas who murdered their parents.

Eventually, La-Zar had a run-in with a member of the International League of Super-Transbeings. Instead of arresting La-Zar, the hero saw their potential and asked them to join.

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading!

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure. What More Could You Want?

The name is Joe Rover. Gamer. Writer. Superhero. With the help of my friends, I protect Megaton City from all sorts of villains whose only desire is chaos & destruction. 

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