The Xacians, an extraterrestrial empire that reached across the galaxy, came to Earth eons ago and have been experimenting on the populace in order to create the perfect soldier. Once they achieved this goal, nothing could stand in their way.

Joe Rover (Dogboy) and his friends (The Pack) discovered this plot and tried to stop them. They did on many occasions, but finally the final battle had arrived. The Xacians were mining Dark Matter, an unknown substance capable of giving anything enhanced abilities. Little did anyone know that this Dark Matter is what kept the universe stable. The more the Xacians mined it, the more unstable the universe became until finally it was falling apart.

In one last attempt to save the universe, Dogboy teamed up with other heroes and even some villains he’d faced to wage war on the Xacians. Dogboy was victorious. The Xacian leader was banished and the universe was stable once more. But this victory came at the cost of Dogboy’s powers. He was now completely human.

Five years later, in 2027, evil has returned and so has Dogboy’s powers.

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