“I hate editing.”

Fantasy writer turned wizard


  • Brown hair
  • 29-years-old, tall, medium build


  • Before the Shift, Max was a fantasy writer living in Newton. One day, while doing research for his next book, he finds himself in the Land of New Town. He learns that he is the Chosen One and must stop the Wizard before the whole world is changed into a land of magic.
  • After the Shift he is known as Maximus, but his friends still call him Max.


  • Magic


  • Typos, grammar
  • His spells have to follow the rules of writing
  • Writer’s block (aka wizard’s block)
  • Indecision/constant re-writing/perfectionist
  • Lack of confidence


  • Phil, the talking magic wand
  • Sundance, the sunset colored horse that changes colors each time you look at it, also has wings
  • Never-ending canteen: a canteen that magically refills with water
  • Never-ending pots: pots that magically refill with food
  • Never-tearing clothes (unless it looks cool or furthers the plot)
  • Magic dust pouch: ask it for the amount of dust you need and it’ll give it to you–provided it is in your bank account
  • Wand case: holds Max’s wand

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